The Best Places to Get Christian Guitar Lessons

Many Christians turn to music as a way to express their faith, but you cannot simply pick up a guitar or sit down at a piano and instantly know how to play. Learning how to play an instrument will take more than just faith; you will need lessons, practice and more practice. Finding a place that gives Christian guitar lessons might not be that easy. You can turn to search engines of course, but there are many other places that you can look for excellent Christian guitar teachers. If you are serious about learning how to play the guitar, here are some good places to start your hunt.

Churchteach student to play guitar

Many progressive churches have incorporated guitar and other musical instruments into their services. They are not only playing traditional hymns, but also more modern interpretations of Christian music including rock, hip hop and even metal. If you go to a church that has a band or guitar player you might ask these people for advice about where to get Christian guitar lessons. They might be willing to give you lessons themselves, or can at least point you in the right direction.

In addition, you can post a flyer on the church bulletin board that announces you are looking for lessons. Someone in the congregation is likely to know a person that gives guitar lessons. This is a great way to find guitar lessons, as well as a way to interact with others at your church.

Christian Hangouts

Nearly every city has a community center or some other place where Christians congregate for social gatherings. This can be a great place to meet someone to give you introductory guitar lessons, as these events often revolve around music and other fun activities. If there is a Christian center or youth group at your church you will probably be able to find someone that plays guitar.

Another great way to find Christians willing to teach you is to go to a Christian rock show. These concerts are quite popular and will likely draw music lovers of all ages. Just by hanging out after the show you might be able to find someone that is willing to give you lessons.

Local Music Store

Your local music store is very likely to have a guitar teacher on staff and this can be a great way to get Christian guitar lessons. Even if the instructor is not a Christian, he or she will probably not have a problem with giving these types of specific lessons. Even if the lessons are not centered on Christian music, you will still learn chords and techniques that you can apply to more spiritual songs. A G-Chord is the same whether you are playing a traditional hymn or a death metal song, so the lessons you learn can be applied to any kind of music you want to play.

Learning from an instructor who is not a Christian is also a good way to add to your repertoire of music. You may be turned onto music and styles that you weren’t aware of, so don’t be afraid to have new experiences that will make you a more well rounded musician in the long run.

Introductory Lessons Online

The Internet has become the go-to spot for all types of music lessons, including beginner guitar lessons. YouTube is loaded with videos that will give you step by step instruction on how to play specific songs or chords. This Internet is the easiest way to find and share music and is probably the best place to find comprehensive guitar lessons for free.

In addition to YouTube there are hundreds of websites that give basic guitar lessons and instruction. Once you learn the basics of chords and strumming you can start learning whole songs. These basic online guitar lessons are a great way to get started and will not cost you a thing.

Teach Yourself

Some of the best musicians in the world are self-taught. If you are having a hard time finding a good Christian guitar teacher than you can simply teach yourself. Armed with just a book from a local music store and some desire, you can learn how to play a guitar. Although this might not work for all people, many have been able to teach themselves how to play a guitar competently. A good book, coupled with some online instruction is a great way to start your introduction into the world of guitar.

Practice Practice Practice

Even the best Christian guitar lessons will not a substitute for practice. Regardless of how you choose to learn, you will never get better without plenty of practice. Most people have no idea how difficult it is to play a guitar. They see their favorite musicians effortlessly strumming on stage and think it will be easy. Keep in mind that these musicians put in thousands of hours of practice to get that good. You will have to do the same if you want to be a great musician.