Does the Play Worship Guitar Program Help You Learn Guitar?

Many Christians would like to learn how to play worship songs on the guitar as way to better express their faith and love of God. However, it can be tough to find places to learn how to play guitar, which is why many have turned to programs like Play Worship Guitar to quickly learn how […]

Best Places to Find Worship Guitar Lessons

If you are a Christian that is looking for new ways to express your love for God, then you might consider learning how to play a musical instrument. Music has long offered a way for Christians to express their faith. Modern churches are not only incorporating traditional hymns and spirituals into their services, but also […]

Best Ways to Learn Christian Guitar Chords

Many people turn to music as a new and exciting way to inject some life into their Christian faith and worship. Although most people just think of boring hymns when they think of Christian music, the genre has evolved to include just about every type of music out there. This is great for younger people […]

Ten Easy Christian Guitar Songs For Beginners

Are you looking for a way to incorporate music into your love of God? If so, then you have probably considered taking musical lessons. Modern churches are always finding new ways to keep their younger members interested and many have turned to Christian music as a way to do so. Christian music is one of […]

The Best Places to Get Christian Guitar Lessons

Many Christians turn to music as a way to express their faith, but you cannot simply pick up a guitar or sit down at a piano and instantly know how to play. Learning how to play an instrument will take more than just faith; you will need lessons, practice and more practice. Finding a place […]