Best Places to Find Worship Guitar Lessons

If you are a Christian that is looking for new ways to express your love for God, then you might consider learning how to play a musical instrument. Music has long offered a way for Christians to express their faith. Modern churches are not only incorporating traditional hymns and spirituals into their services, but also appealing to younger people by using genres like rock and hip hop. If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar, then you should know some of the best places to find worship guitar lessons.

live worshipWhat is Worship Music?

You might not even be familiar with the term worship music and what it means. Worship music is any music that is incorporated into a church service or worship of God. Most people immediately think of choirs singing hymns, but worship music does not have to be boring. Modern worship musicians have incorporated a wide range of musical styles into their music in order to appeal to a wider audience. This has opened up a whole new platform for musicians and made it easier to find worship guitar lessons.

Go to Church

If you aren’t going to church already, then you should start attending some church services if you are serious about worship guitar lessons. Many churches now have rock bands that perform during services, or as part of a youth ministry. These musicians can be a great resource, as they were likely in the same situation at some point. If your church doesn’t have a band, find one that does. Church band members might be able to give you lessons, or at the very least turn you towards someone who can.

Even if you are not able to find band members to probe for information, you can still use the church to find worship guitar lessons. Talk to your minister or pastor and ask if they know anyone in the congregation who might give guitar lessons. If this doesn’t work you can put a notice on the church bulletin board or in their newsletter. There will almost certainly be a member of the congregation that can help you locate a good place to get guitar lessons.

Youth Ministries

Youth ministry and services have become quite popular over the last few years. Churches are constantly on the lookout for ways to appeal to a younger audience. If your church has a youth pastor, or regularly has services specifically for young people, then this is a great place to find worship guitar lessons. You might be able to find a few like minded individuals that want to take lessons together, or even start a band. Youth services are not only a good way to find Christian guitar lessons, but you can also meet some new friends in the process.

Online Guitar Lessons

You only have to type “worship guitar lessons” into a search engine to see that there are a number of great resources online. Not only have amateur guitar players posted videos that teach how to play Christian songs, but there are also professional musicians that offer online tutorials. Since these lessons are often free, this is a great resource for people that might not have money to pay for expensive guitar lessons. If you want to learn how to play a specific chord, song or scale you can go to YouTube and will almost certainly find a video to help.

With a few basic guitar lessons you will be on your way to playing your favorite songs or even writing your own.

Local Guitar Instructors

Although it might be difficult to find a guitar teacher that specifically gives worship guitar lessons, you will almost certainly be able to find an instructor. All music is played using the same basic chords and techniques, so it really doesn’t matter if your instructor knows any worship music. Go to your local guitar or music shop and ask if they have an instructor. Most instructors will customize the lessons per their customers specifications and will have no problem teaching you some Christian music.

Online Guitar Lessons

This is perhaps the most cost-effective way to get some real worship guitar lessons while learning some easy ways to play your favorite songs. The best part is the lessons are done by someone who really understands how to transcend simply playing the guitar.  It is important your teacher knows how to usher in the presence of God with worship music.  Take the Play Worship Guitar course for instance, where the lessons are created by a church worship leader.  The lesson creator put together simple lessons that any beginner can follow without having to practice boring chords and learn to read music.  Thus, students can start playing their favorite songs without much waiting.

It Takes Faith… and Practice

Being a good Christian is not easy and this is especially true when it comes to music. It will not only take practice to get good, but also faith, as you will need to believe in yourself and your abilities. Most people give up when they realize that learning how to play a guitar is not nearly as easy as they thought it would be. You will need to overcome these first days of self doubt and continue to practice hard if you want to get good. It will take more than a few in-person worship guitar lessons to become a competent guitarist, you will need dedication and faith in yourself as well. The only way you’ll ever get good is to get started, buy a guitar, get some lessons, and start practicing.